Hacienda MargaritaWhat’s in your margarita? Like wine and beer, margaritas have different flavor profiles that appeal to different palates, there is no ‘better’ or ‘best’, its simply a matter of taste – your taste. While the basics of making a margarita apply to all: tequila, triple sec and lime on the rocks or frozen, the modern margarita has as many variations as the martini: gold, silver, flavored, frozen, beer-ita, with Grand Marnier, Italian and even spicy. So how do you choose?

Silver Margarita

The most classic interpretation of the margarita: silver tequila, triple sec and lime. Silver or blanco tequila is un-aged and bottled immediately after distillation. Known for its peppery finish, it is the purest expression of tequila. When used in margarita, silver tequila adds a distinctive clean finish of tequila & lime, and is perfectly complimented by the salt rim. Try our famous House Margarita, or step it up with our Silver Cadillac: Tres Generations Plata, Cointreau & lime shaken and served on the rocks.

Gold Margarita

Gold margaritas use a gold, Reposado or Añejo, tequila instead of silver. These tequila varieties are aged in charred oak casks and have a smoky flavor profile similar to bourbon or whisky. The tequila darkens in color the longer it is aged, leading to a smoky smooth finish. If you are a whisky drinker, this is the margarita for you.

Top Shelf Margarita

The Top Shelf Margarita is a gold tequila margarita with an added float of Grand Marnier orange cognac on top. This margarita has a flavor profile that highlights the triple sec or orange flavor of the margarita. Definitely sweeter and on the strong side compared to other margaritas. Choose from our Top Shelf Margarita or our 24Karat Margarita: Tres Generations Reposado, Grand Marnier & lime shaken and served on the rocks.

Frozen or on the rocks?

Purists will tell you that a margarita, a true margarita, is only served on the rocks and never frozen. While they may be the popular & classic interpretation of the margarita, it’s hardly relevant today. In fact, it is believed that the original margarita was a variation from the sidecar, which is served straight up, no rocks. The point is, there is no right answer, only what you prefer. Frozen margaritas are great on a hot day, or for those who enjoy a sweeter flavor for their margarita. Flavors include: lime, strawberry, raspberry or mango.

It’s National Margarita Day Saturday February 22nd, and the party is at Hacienda! We will be featuring our famous margaritas: House, Gold and Top Shelf as well as our specialty Silver Cadillac and 24Karat Margaritas.