The Hacienda Foundation of St. Louis

Thank you so much for supporting Hacienda all of these years… we’d like to return the favor.

The Hacienda Foundation of St. Louis focuses on supporting local charities dedicated to making a direct impact on the communities and people of St. Louis. Grantmaking is primarily funded through Hacienda’s 50/50 rewards program, so the next time you’re enjoying a meal at Hacienda, know that you’ll also be helping those around you in need. What could taste better than that?

About Hacienda’s 50/50 Rewards Program

For every $10 you spend at Hacienda, you will earn $1 that can be put towards any purchase made at Hacienda. In addition, 50% of all of the dollars redeemed in the 50/50 rewards program will be donated directly to the Hacienda Foundation of St. Louis.