d7fdf9048efd010896191c979dc45d43If you’ve spent some time in Hacienda’s recently remodeled Margarita & Tequila Bar, whether admiring the hundred-year-old reclaimed-wood accented walls or sipping a signature Hacienda Margarita, you may have noticed one table that stands out from the rest.

The Hacienda “door table” was created especially for the bar remodel we completed in October 2014. Its look was inspired by the Hacienda Corcovada. This beautiful ranch and hotel in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi has been a central part of our family’s celebrations for many years. We’ve gathered there for weddings, baptisms, New Year’s Eve parties, and many other wonderful events over the years, and we wanted to bring some of that look, and those memories, to our new Margarita & Tequila Bar.

Each part of the table’s design holds special memories. The door that makes up the tabletop was found in a local antique shop, and we spent many hours working to refinish it ourselves. The base of the table is also locally crafted from items we’ve found in St. Louis antique stores.

The metal decorations that adorn the table are especially important to us. I found them on a family trip to Guadalajara in July 2014. They were handmade by a local artisan in Tlaquepaque, a small town in Guadalajara famous for its art, pottery, and blown glass. Every time I look at the table and its decorations, I am reminded of the time I spent with my family and the beautiful cities of Mexico that inspired its look.

So the next time you’re here at Hacienda, stop in to check out our special door table. It’s a great spot for a group to gather at Happy Hour and share some stories from the week. Drink specials and half price dips are on the menu every Monday through Friday from 3-6pm – we’ll see you there!