In keeping touch with our historical Mexican roots, it has always been our mission (and our pleasure) to bring you authentic, traditional dishes made with the freshest, local ingredients. Over the past 46 years, Hacienda has been preparing and recreating old family favorites such as The Navajo Taco which has been a popular menu item enjoyed by all for decades.

The Navajo Indian “Fry-bread,” dates back to the mid 1800’s when the Navajo Tribe was forced to relocate and then kept captive by the U.S. government. At this time, their new “land” could not support their previous diet of vegetables and beans. They were provided with very basic items such as lard, flour, sugar and salt, the main ingredients of traditional fry-bread. To this day, it is still a staple among their people. It is said that “fry-bread links generation with generation and also connects the present to the painful narrative of Native American history.”

There are many ways to enjoy The Navajo Fry-bread. In some cultures, it is eaten with honey or jam and in other areas around the world it is simply a compliment (like any other bread) to add to a meal. Here at Hacienda, we serve it taco-style. We take our homemade fry-bread and top it with ranchero chicken, black beans, tangy tomatillo and roasted chipotle sauce, smoked gouda cheese and garnished with lettuce, fresh guacamole and sour cream.

The Navajo Taco is the perfect dish if you’re craving a real taste for authenticity. Both customers and staff rave about this hearty Mexican dish. So the next time you’re dining in or placing an order to-go, don’t forget The Navajo Taco and enjoy a little taste of history.