You know Hacienda for its scary-good Mexican food and its frighteningly festive atmosphere. But did you know that its unique building is haunted?

Hacienda’s restaurant is situated in one of Rock Hill’s most historic buildings, which was constructed back in the 1860s. It has served as a fantastic location for the restaurant since it moved from Overland in 1977. However, current and former employees alike have seen and heard things beyond human comprehension in this 150-year-old building.

From seeing lights turning on and off over and over again, hearing things that go bump in the night, witnessing spooky swinging doors, and even glimpsing an ethereal woman in a purple dress, Hacienda’s restaurant is a scream after dark. Even paranormal investigators claim it to be haunted!

Just in time for Halloween, the crew at Hacienda has decided to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the strange goings-on we experience here after the customers have left for the night. Check out our video here – if you dare!