This July, we at Hacienda invite you to spend a very special day with us: July 24, National Tequila Day!

Featured tequila tastings this month:

  • July 10th – Tres Agaves 
  • July 17th – Don Julio
  • July 31st – Amatitlan 

If you have been intimidated by tequila in the past, or if your only tequila experience has been with an occasional margarita, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. In fact, we’re spending the entire month of July honoring our favorite libation, so you’ve got plenty of time to get to know (and love!) tequila as much as we do.

Hacienda Tequila Month


Let’s start with the basics: a little History of Tequila. 

All tequila is made from the blue agave plant (hence why many refer to tequila as “the nectar of agave”). For a liquor to legally be called tequila, it must come from Mexico, and typically from the state of Jalisco. Tequila itself has been around for over 400 years – it was one of the first distilled spirits to be created from a plant indigenous to North America.

These days, tequila is available in several categories, most commonly blanco (un-aged), reposado (aged two months to one year), and anejo (aged one to three years). And of course, the best place to try out a new tequila is the newly remodeled Margarita & Tequila Bar at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant! In addition to several tequila-inspired cocktails, we offer tequila flights to showcase the variety and depth of flavors tequila has to offer.

Mezcal: Tequila’s underappreciated big brother

Hacienda's Mezcal MuleThough it has gained in popularity in recent years, for most people Mezcal remains a mystery. All distilled liquors made from agave are Mezcals. Tequila, the most popular, is a mezcal made only from blue agave. The classic bottle with a worm in it is not actually tequila – only mezcal is allowed to be sold with a worm (or sometimes even a scorpion!) in the bottle.

Looking to try out a little mezcal? Hacienda has you covered! The Hacienda Mezcal Mule is a refreshing summer drink featuring premium mezcal, agave nectar, and lime juice, with a splash of ginger beer for added bite.

The search for the perfect margarita

St. Louis MargaritasAccording to the Smithsonian Institution, the precise origins of the margarita are lost to time. It could have been invented by a Tijuana-area restaurateur looking to please a fussy customer, or a Dallas socialite aiming to impress her well-heeled friends. But regardless of the drink’s origin, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: there is no drink better than a margarita to beat the summer heat, whether you prefer yours frozen or on the rocks.

Hacienda’s favorite margaritas:

  • The Hacienda Margarita – The classic. Our original house margarita, crafted with silver tequila.
  • Top Shelf – A Hacienda Margarita crafted with smooth gold tequila, topped with a dash of Grand Marnier.
  • Silver Cadillac – A delightfully different take on the classic margarita, crafted with Sauza Tres Generaciones Plata Tequila, Cointreau, and Hacienda’s own lime mix.
  • 24 Karat – Our top-tier margarita, with three-year aged Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo Tequila mixed with a blend of Cointreau and our own lime mix, topped with a splash of Grand Marnier.

Never drink alone

Of course, with all the amazing tequila drinks and deals offered during our month-long Tribute to Tequila, you’ll want to take a tip from tequila’s birthplace, Mexico, about how to enjoy the wonders of the classic drink without suffering ill effects the next day. From simple classics like our Pozole Soup to the delectable Buenos Nachos to the oh-so-sharable Trio Fajitas, the extensive Hacienda menu has something for every taste.

Hacienda Fajitas

Whether you’re looking forward to National Tequila Day or just looking to spend a casual Happy Hour soaking up the sun, Hacienda Mexican Restaurant is the place to be! Join us at our newly remodeled Margarita & Tequila Bar or on St. Louis’s best patio to celebrate our favorite libation… Tequila!